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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Introduction of Due Dilligence Inc - A Guidance Consulting Services Company

If you have not heard of Due Dilligence Inc, you have missed something important. Due Dilligence provides consulting services supported by AI based software that will help your business reach new highs.

Due Dilligence recently introduced and launched service packs to fit the different stages and needs of your business development.

Every Due Diligence, Inc. client needs a different assortment of products and services, with different features and options. That being said, having handled several hundred client projects and evaluated several thousand businesses and investment opportunities, Due Diligence, Inc. has designed a series of pre-configured Services Packages based on the more common requests for help Due Diligence, Inc. has received over the past two+ decades. While every project is unique for each client, these Services Packages are an excellent base from which to determine exactly what products and services you need for your organization.

Choose the Package that best reflects your current situation, and Due Diligence, Inc. will start there to tailor our products and services to fit your needs and give you a price quote. Also keep in mind that these Packages are not the complete list of products and services that Due Diligence, Inc. offers, and and the firm can customize its support specifically to your organization’s unique situation.

Packages - Focus

  • The Start-Up Package - For the 1st Two Years of a Start-Up
  • The Mergers & Acquisitions Package - For a Buyer For a Seller
  • The Investment Package - For an Investor
  • The Technology License Package - For a Licensor For a Licensee
  • The Debt Finance Package - For a Company Seeking Debt
  • The Capital Finance Package - For a Company Seeking Capital
  • The Intellectual Property Package - To Assess a Company’s Intellectual Property Assets
  • The Legal Package - To Assess a Company’s Legal Systems
  • The Strategic & Business Planning Package - To Assess a Company’s Strategic and Business Plans and Planning Systems
  • The Financial Package - To Assess a Company’s Financial Systems
  • The Human Capital Package - To Assess a Company’s Human Capital
  • The Marketing Package - Assess a Company’s Marketing Plan & System
  • The Sales Package - To Assess a Company’s Sales Plan & System
  • The Technology Package - To Assess a Technology
  • The Management Package - To Assess a Company’s Management Team & Processes
  • The Communications Package - To Assess a Company’s Communications & Processes
  • The Research & Development Package - To Assess a Company’s R&D Systems & Processes
  • The Operations Package - To Assess a Company’s Operations Systems & Processes
  • The Regulatory Package - To Assess a Company’s Regulatory Environment & Systems
  • The Quality Package - To Assess a Company’s Quality Systems
  • The Products/Services Package - To Assess a Company’s Products and/or Services
  • The Relationships Package - To Assess a Company’s Relationships
  • The Structure Package - To Assess a Company’s Structure

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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Do You understand the value of next generation WiMax for VoIP and wireless data services?

If not, then you should look at ViTeleTechZone and their intelligent WiMax products. ViTeleTechZone operates in Asia, Europe and NorthAmerica. The company also provides insourcing services for software product development. Are you afraid of losing control of your software projects by outsourcing? Then you should consider the insourcing services provided by ViTeleTechZone.

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