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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Projectplace - Collaboration around your projects in the cloud

Here's an overdue post about the growing popularity of cloud services. Projectplace sponsored in cooperation with SalesForce an event to highlight the status of project and collaboration services.

Niklas Zandelin, CEO, Exido talked about enablers such as service buses and a core focus on cloud services allowing processes between all actors. Cloud SLA documents are also now available within the EU and US markets. And recent trends with CFOs who all want to see no CAPex and only modest OPex.

Johan Zetterstrom VP Nordics,
presented the growth and history of SalesForce. He emphasized that at Salesforce you pay per user not apps used. Projectplace is a salesforce app on the app platform.

The scope of SalesForce with their AppForce;
- 125k apps on app platform.
- Service cloud with 6k customer.
The first 100 developers can develop for free first app.

Magnus Ingvarsson, Magnus.Ingvarsson at, Founder of Projectplace.

Projectplace after 2008
- 105 employees
- 129 MSEK revenue
- 18 MSEK ebit result

Magnus illiustrated how Projectplace sees cloud services vs. their project services;

PaaS (Platform as a service) is a vertical one addressing the app layer scope
IaaS (Infrastructure as a service) is the horizontal infrastructure layer
Integration as a service is the vertical management layer
Apps are of course the apps on the PaaS layer
SaaS (Software as a Service) is what the users see and use

There are as he pointed out, of course a certain way of getting sold on a certain architecture. Each one of the major cloud services architectures has their own way of interworking between apps, similar but still slightly different meaning that once you have chosen an environment to use, you have work to do if you would like to change later.

Projectplace also sess a role for their project cloud services as a good fit for BPO services where you have a need for local and remote project management and that you should when you consider cloud services, see the whole picture from on premises, host outsource, cloud and SaaS.

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