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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Embedded browser in Net TV by Philips

In case you have not noticed, TV sets are changing. I attended a while ago an event in Kista, Stockholm sponsored by Philips and their new Net TV division. The presenters were;
  • Åke Johansson, ake.johansson at head of Philips consumer area and Net TV champion.
  • Tomas Hedqvist, tomas.hedqvist at, consult in digital media and service acqusition partner for Philips in the Nordic region,
  • Fredrik Andersson, co-founder Net Tv service from Accedo Broadband,
  • Anna Caracolis, CEO of Adimo, mobile consulting services,, Anna presented practical opinions and results from porting designs from a 3" mobile phone screen to a 42" TV was not difficult.

Some facts about Net TV;

  • Standard used is CE html
  • Windows media and H264 supported but no Adobe flash yet
  • Optimized for 720 by 1080 format
  • Remote control controlled and operated
  • Fonts and readability important when designing web services for Net TV
  • Forecast says about 180M TV sets will be CE html enabled by 2012

The demo TVs used regular 16:9 HD TV sets but Philips also used the opportunity to showcase the new 21:9 see also

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009