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Saturday, June 05, 2010

Dennis Gabor celebrated by Google today - The man behind the holographic images

In case your have noticed the "strange" Google image today, you may want to read the Wikipedia article, see

Dennis would have been 110 years old today...

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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Me On TV and Bar-Deli at the TIE Nordic - SSE Open Mike event for startups Stockholm

I attended the TIE Nordic event ( organized by Hannes Dernehl jointly hosted by SSE organized by Bhavik ( at the Hub ( in Stockholm on May 31.

Neev Technologies Nordic AB ( is a member of TIE Nordic. Contact tlidforss at for more info about IT outsourcing services provided.

Jeffrey Cole from Ericsson was there presenting the new service Me On TV where the general idea is to encourage businesses to start using user generated content (UGC) for product development and customer services by providing tools to make it as easy as possible for users to record, edit and mix info to be used using their mobile phones. See the Youtube video below for more details.

These events are covered by Open Entrepreneurship (, Björn Paulsson the TIE Nordic Chapter Manager video records and posts on their site. I can recommend registering and signing up at this site if you are interesting in the start up business areas.

One interesting start-up presenting during the "Open Mike" session (where anybody can grab the microfone and present something) was Bar-Deli. See for more info. The entire business case is very simple, go to any bar in hotels, pubs, restaurants in any city or country
and ask what snacks you can get. The answer in most cases is nothing put peanuts. So, as a result bar-deli packages, sells and delivers custom snacks that are different and healthier. I talked to Niclas Johansson the founder, you can contact him at niclas at

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