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Saturday, March 01, 2014

Memories from Living in Oslo, Norway

I have compiled pictures into a video using Sony VAIO® Movie Creator software for the first time. It works nicely. Unfortunately the exported file sizes are getting really big if you want HD or even worse full HD quality.

This video (5 min and 30 sec) in 480p video quality is 119 MB, the 720p HD is 343 MB (not uploaded). The above video runs from my OneDrive account.

Have a great weekend you all wherever you are in the World!

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

LinkedIn sales training - Discover More Leads at Your Target Accounts

Discover More Leads at Your Target Accounts from LinkedIn Sales Solutions

This is a new service recently released for premium users with Sales navigator accounts. Check it out, works very well to get more leads into an account. 

You should be following the LinkedIn sales training blog

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Monday, February 17, 2014

Review of The Definitive Guide to Lead Nurturing - A Marketo Workbook

Marketo's - Definitive Guide-to-lead-nurturing from Sanford Diday

Marketo is a very interesting company focusing on lead to revenue software and tools to efficiently handle potentials customers and interaction between your sales and marketing people. Here's a quick summary and some highlights:

At Marketo, all incoming leads are scored using a combination based on:

  • lead source 
  • demographics
  • activities
Scores with:
  • less than 65 points require further nurturing -> prospects 
  • more than 65 points pass on to sales for further qualification -> leads
Marketo is using:
  • Use single opt-in for leads that have filled out a web form
  • Use double opt-in for others, follow up, if no response, suspend in database

After the opt-in welcome, present an option to accelerate the communications.

An example of a possible buying cycle:

If the buying cycle for your product is threemonths, your lead nurturing path might look like this:

• Day 1 - Follow-up with introductory email
• Day 10 - Email offering new content related to first download and subsequent Web site activity
• Day 15 - Personal email from sales rep
• Day 30 - Email best practices whitepaper
• Day 45 - Call from sales rep to ‘check in’
• Day 60 - Email promoting webinar series
• Day 75 - Personal email from sales rep offering a product demo
• Day 85 - Call from sales rep to schedule in-person meeting
• Day 90 - Send sales proposal via email

Marketo’s nurturing program has four main roles:

  • marketing manager 
  • marketing executive
  • sales rep
  • agency
And three main buying stages:
  • early stage awareness
  • middlestage consideration
  • latestage evaluation.

There are over 50 pieces of nurturing content spread across those roles and stages, so the typical prospect will receive between 10 and 30 total touches across the nurturing programs.

Make the Most Out of Trigger-based Marketing

• Web pages: visiting the page on your Web site that explains how to buy
• Content: downloading content you’ve marked as being relevant to later stage buyers
• Email: opening every email you send
• Scoring: If a prospect is “stuck” at the same score with no recent activity, it may be time to try a different approach or offer

Use of Accelerator campaigns in two ways.

1) When Prospects reach a specific threshold lead score that indicates interest but then stall out before making it all the way to becoming “sales ready”, we trigger a series of high value offers intended to spark re-engagement.

2) We watch for specific behaviors that indicate when we should move a prospect from Early Stage nurturing to Mid-Stage, or Mid-Stage nurturing to Late Stage.

There are three important categories of Lead Lifecycle campaigns:
• Lead Handoff
• Lead Recycling
• New Customers

Calculating the ROI of Lead Nurturing

Before Nurturing
A: Won Opportunities from Leads Under 30 days old - Number A

B: Won Opportunities from Leads Over 30 days old - Number B

C: Won Opportunities Total Marketing-Generated - Number C

If B > A, you are nurturing well (or possibly not generating enough new leads).

If not, subtract A – B to get the number of extra marketing-generated won opportunities you might expect from better lead nurturing.

Calculate (A – B) / C to measure the % increase in total marketing-generated revenue from better lead nurturing at your company.

The common result is that with nurturing you increase number B generating an overall higher C.

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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Do you want to attract more customer with inbound content marketing?

How to Attract More Customers With Content Using Hubspot from HubSpot All-in-one Marketing Software

This HubSpot's now 5 year old guide on Inbound marketing, still very valid. HubSpot has now more than 4000 customers. I can recommend studying and applying for your business.

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