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Friday, October 12, 2007

Wireless security test tools and portable software to OEMs

Our technology eliminates the need for you to develop and keep up to date with the latest security protocols and standards plus can in addition test and evaluate compliance and vulnerability of your products.

Xpressent Inc ( provides wireless security test tools and portable software to OEMs. The products enable UMA dual mode phones, Mobile phones, Wireless embedded devices (M2M devices), Femtocells and Gateway companies to develop security compliant products.

XpressVPN is a complete toolkit that includes the protocols of IPSEC, IKE, and IKEv2. EAP based authentication is supported for IKEv2. EAP types currently supported include EAP-MD5, EAP-GTC, EAP-SIM and EAP-AKA.

XpressVPN is available in two packages: OEM and TestTool.

XpressVPN-OEM is an OEM toolkit for IPSEC/IKE/IKEv2 and is available as a SDK for Linux, Windows and Windows Mobile platforms. XpressVPN-OEM is designed for portability, extensibility, and performance. We have customers using the product or planning to use on most of the common platforms (Linux, Windows, Windows Mobile, VxWorks, etc.) and on a variety of hardware architectures (MIPS, ARM, x86, etc). Portable ANSI "C" source code for XpressVPN is available optionally.

XpressVPN-TestTool is a Linux-based IPSEC/IKEv2 test tool. This tool includes multi-client capability, allowing the simulation of thousands of IKEv2 clients from a single system. Multiclient traffic generation tools are included. It also includes an IKE packet interceptor and modifier utility that can be used to simulate error conditions based on user-defined rules for vulnerability and robustness testing.

XpressVPN has proven interoperability with all major vendors of VPN products. Xpressent has also successfully particiated in both of the IKEv2 interoperability workshops hosted by ICSA Labs. In fact, ICSA Labs uses XpressVPN as the reference platform for their IKEv2 certification program.Xpressent is up to date with the latest IETF and 3GPP security standards needed for your protection.

Please contact Saroop through email at saroop at or contact me at to discuss your needs further and I will introduce you to Xpressent. I am no longer with Xpressent but I can assist you setting up a meeting and introduce you to the company. We are located in Silicon Valley in California and are available to either meet locally or have a phone conference or WebEx to go through your requriements and XpressVPN product capabilities.

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