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Thursday, March 13, 2008

US-EU-ME/Asia Business Opportunities

With the event of booming economies in South Eastern Asia and the new EU countries in Eastern Europe, I have started on a journey to work out of Europe to promote a "Virtual Silicon Valley Worlds" business concept.

There are many "Silicon Valley like" areas in the world nowdays. The existence of internet technology support, using voice/video communications in addition to business and social networking, sharing of information, creating joint business projects is getting easier and easier.

Interested parties, please contact me at

Ecademy is one example of a well established business organization within EU. Ecademy celebrates its 10th year of operations. I encourage you to join me on Ecademy. Click on picture/link below to find out more.

There are also a number of interesting business clubs operating on Ecademy. Two examples are Scandinavian Vikings Business and Social Club and Global Capital Access Club. You can join any club once you are a member of Ecademy. I also encourage you to consider signing up for PowerNetworker membership if you like what you see. It is well worth it.

Regards, Thomas

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