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Friday, October 03, 2008

Touch is now everywhere - The battlefield is getting set Nokia vs.Apple and Google

I guess now when Nokia has finally taken the wraps of the rollout of their "iPhone killer", the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. My take on this new phone is that showdown is going to depend a lot on the openess and ease for application developers to get to the different devices and the business models offered. The second issue is the availability of cheap mobile broadband, and since there has not so far been enough competition among mobile operators, I think we can all cherish the fact that Nokia finally has a device that compete with Apple iPhone, Google G1, Samsung Omnia, LG, HTC Touch and SonyEricsson X1 touch phones. The competition now becomes more of Apple OS X like OS vs. Android, Windows Mobile and Symbian. From that point of view, I think Google has an advantage from their close connections and understanding of "cloud computing services" and cooperation with companies such as Amazon.

Nokia though has put together a pretty interesting device, I like personally the formfactor of the iPhone and the new Nokia. From a technology point of view, I cannot wait until all these new mobile phones will finally push mobile VoIP services to the front in an open style making true mobile multimedia IP services available in as many places and countries as possible from any device and any wireless carrier.

Check out the demo video from Youtube.

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