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Tuesday, December 30, 2008 - Head for the web and grab your movies

Headweb is a Swedish startup using bittorrent filesharing technology to distribute movies without piracy but still with no DRM or copy protection. You can (if you want to) burn a DVD and watch your movie without having to depend on DLNA compliant computer and TV on your regular TV with an old DVD player.

Headweb is using embedded watermark technology to control illegal copying. To encoruage the use of the their client software to actively partcipate in the filesharing connections, you get points for your movies which you can use against purchase of new movies. I met with Peter Alvarsson, COO at Headweb ( at a startup event earlier this month and Headweb seems to be getting traction and a lot of attention. I think most people though, don't understand the differences between Headweb and Pirate Bay, that may be need further clarifications. But Headweb is a great service, in particular for those of you having 10Mb/s (or better) internet connections. I like the no DRM approach, nobody wants to have nowadays some DRM scheme that will screw up your files later. A cheap RAID server and a fast internet connection and you have your own entertainment store.