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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The MJ Launcher - Transforming your mobile experience (updated)

Here's a quick review of Mjetz or the MJ Launcher application.

The MJ Launcher is using patented active widget technology to smoothly blend browsing, RSS feeds and IM/email services in your mobile phone. MJ Launcher is presently only available as a J2ME app on your phone (works on 1B+ phones in the world though). But I think you have to imagine what can be done on new touch screen iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and Symbian devices.

The major advantage of using the MJ Launcher is that you can get your own "UI" the way you want to have it based on your internet needs regardless of what the phone was delivered with.

The best way to test mjetz (today) is to use a J2ME enabled phone and download from the phone browser using

The site recognizes IP addresses and should propose a local version automatically. If not you can select by using e.g.

Please also note that mjetz today is not what mjetz will and can become tomorrow. New local versions are being developed all the time regarding language and content.

If you register as a user and logon to mjetz from your computer, you can customize your phone from the computer in addition to the phone.

There is also an admin tool that can be provided for operators and content aggregators/distributors so you can customize content and configurations for your customers.

New versions in particular for touch screen phones are under development by mJetz such as an active widget Google Android version including plans for iPhone and Windows Phones. There are for this company and products investment opportunities for companies who are interested in this.

Please feel free to test and try services.

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