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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Got Greenbucks to spare? - Goto Thinking Green with Al Gore Oct 15

On Wed. Oct 15, 2008 Al Gore will be in Stockholm at the Thinking Green seminar. If you have got 2995 SEK (approx. $450) to spare you can listen to him.

Preliminary agenda;
Location, Factory at Nacka Strand, Stockholm

Date: Oct 15

18:00 Opening
18:05 Mingle with Green friends VIP
18:30 Meet Al (VIPs only)
19:10 Sweden environmental minister from government, Andreas Carlgren will speak
19:40 Al Gore speaks
21:30 Q & A
21:40 Closing

My first comment on reading the ad earlier today, weird ad, poor website, ZERO info about "who is a VIP??, the select few, proud and only or? And, even though I still can read Swedish perfectly, I think information about an event like should also be provided in English plus with map of location and information about the place. Now they assume everybody know or you have to call them or google around for awhile...

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