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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Geek Meet - sIFR (scalable Inman Flash Replacement), Bringing rich typography to the web

I attended the Geek Meet Feb. event at the bwin building in Stockholm. Thanks to Robert Nyman, Mark Wubben was the key speaker. Mark has done a lot of work with sIFR and typography for the web. His topics were;
  • sIFR (scalable Inman Flash Replacement) - Bringing rich typography to the web
  • Home Made Ubicomp - Ubiquitous computing

Mark presented a quick history of what has happened since the early (1994) days of the web to the problems of today using flash a lot which does not work very well with search engines. Since Mark has uploaded the sIFR presentation to Slideshare, I am embedding his presentation. See below;

Mark also presented briefly the values of easy ubiquitos computing for everybody.

UPDATE: Here are the two urls for Mark's presentations:

Many thanks to bwin ( for sponsoring this event with good food and beverage. Got to check out Texas Hold'em poker.

Also if you are interested in Geek Meet, take a look at Robert's blog:

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