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Monday, February 02, 2009

Microblog vs. Blog, nanoblogg or macroblog, Where is blogging heading?

I have noticed being in Sweden which is a blog-heavy country that people have got infected with the idea of blogging in every size or shape or whereever you are. A couple of weeks ago, when Google announced their saving plans for the company by e.g. shutting down the Finnish acquisition of Jaiku the Finnish mobile microblogging company and transforming it into an open source based solution service. Then Morris Packer at Bonnier media started pushing for Swedish Jaiku users to start using the new Swedish microblogging service Bloggy created by Jonas Lejon and then microblogging really took off in Sweden not just on Bloggy but also on Twitter since most people on Bloggy also have noticed Twitter without using it that much.

Now other services are also taking off, such as "What can you say with one word?" such as the new Nanoblogging site which works to emulate Bloggy's success but for even shorter blogs. This new service has recently picked up more than 400 users in a couple of days. Recently, people have stared mciroblogging about that they ned 2000 characters at least to say something meaningful raising the question about the need for a macroblog service? I like all the comments and think that this goes all way back to the starting of websites that ended up being too difficult to manage and maintain, then the first blogs came around and much later mobile phone updates and need for short updates. And now finally back to the beginning again.

Hmm, technology is amazing, we seem to go in circles sometimes...maybe it is time to learn from history and check out of internet for a while.
For all twitter and bloggers, also be aware of #blmon on Twitter and