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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Sino-Sweden Mobile Internet Business Seminar about upcoming GMIC conference in Hangzhou

Some quick news about a Chinese delegation visiting Sweden and the Kista Science City in Stockholm. I attended eariler today the Sino-Sweden Mobile Internet Business Seminar at the Stockholm Kista Science Tower, sponsored by ISA, Invest in Sweden agency and GWC, Mobile Internet The Great Wall Club.

The Global Mobile Internet Conference 2010 is coming up in March 2010 in Hangzhou, China. The theme of the conference is Mobile Internet Opportunities in Asia. GMIC wants to promote international cooperation around mobile internet services and issues. GMIC sess Asia as the area of the world where mobile internet is going to be the key area whereas Europe with GSMA is more the mobile operator center and USA and North America is more internet and internet software.

The GMIC is an organization;

Guided by
  • Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China
  • Minstry of Culture- Ministry of Commerce
  • State Council Information Office
  • China Association of Communication Enterprises
  • China Internet Association


  • Mobile Internet the Great Wall Club,


  • MCF (Japan)
  • YRP (Japan)
  • IVP (japan)
  • Sino-Japan Communication Industry Promotion Association
  • KINTERNET (South Korea)
  • KWISA (South Korea)
  • CDMA
  • CDG

On a personal note, this event was well organized thanks to Tomas Bennich from Kista Showcase and people from Invest in Sweden Agency but I have to complain about whoever manages the facilities in the Kista Science Tower, no ventilation and warm humid air does not work very well for any event, blame global warming or whatever but facilities management has to work in a business building...

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