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Monday, September 07, 2009

Update on Windows Mobile Marketplace launch event in Stockholm

Here's an update on an event I attended early summer. For those of you that missed the presentations, Per Ahlberg Developer Evangelist Microsoft has made the presentations available om his MDSN blog,

Johan Huss Mobile Solutions Specialist Microsoft presented Windows Mobile 6.5 that will be available on Oct. 7 in Sweden. Among the features, a "thumb" friendly touch friendly UI with good support for widgets. I tested the new UI features on an HTC Touch and Samsung Omnia and works very well for touch operation.

In addition to "touch" being a big thing with launch of Windows Mobile 6.5, MyPhone is a new convenient service where you as a user can sync and manage your phones data on the web. Works very well for managing contact data and syncing with your phone. This service works for older phones also, you do not have to wait for 6.5 to start using it. See for further details,

Philippe Goldstein, Microsoft France presented the launch of Windows Mobile Marketplace.

Some comments;
  • No Java or scripts allowed in marketplace
  • Native code, managed code and widgets allowed
  • 3-4 weeks for application certification
  • Cost 99 USD for 1st year for 5 apps thereafte per app
  • Revenue sharing, developer gets 70%, Microsoft (and partners) 30%
See for more information the Windows Mobile blog;

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