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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Intertex - make my small business multimedia enabled

Intertex is a Swedish startup addressing the need for simplicity and internet multimedia communications. The company has despite its small size managed to design a set of products with interesting feature comabinations. DSL modem (ADSL 2+ with 23 Mbit/s downlink, 3 Mbit/s uplink) with firewall (SIP ready), router, 802.11 b/g and analog phone ports for old phones. This together with QoS, SIP switch software and VPN pass through will make your office communications be smoothly integrated using internet communications for presence, IM, video and VoIP phone services. The product is also supporting the TR-069 network management specification which lately has been accepted by the femtocell industry group as the standard to use. I think Intertex fully understands that the way to go for the future is simplicity combined with a set of key features most people are using. The biggest reason for why a lof business communications projects fail is that everything should be integrated and you get a solution too complex and too costly to manage.
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