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Monday, August 04, 2008

myFC - a planar and flexible developed high-efficiency fuel cell

myFC is a very interesting Swedish startup company combining "green- tech with high-tech" to provide the element needed for fuel cell based batteries for power hungry portable devices. Just read about heavy iPhone users using 3G wireless, WiFi, Bluetooth surfing internet and doing social networking and of course talk, you kill the phone battery in no time. myFC has developed a patented process for a flexi fuel cell called FuelCellSticker(TM). The product, myFC 1636 Chip is a 0.5-0.75W modular fuel cell for integration into electronic products like cordless chargers and/or other portable devices.

This is a perfect opportunity for a mobile phone, laptop and accesory product manufacturing company to develop something I think could become very popular. I have personally always wanted to have twice the capacity in laptop and mobile phone batteries, they never last long enough when you need to use them.

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