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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

New event coming up - Venture Capital's Homage to the Alchemy of PARC

October 12, 2006 New event coming up - Venture Capital's Homage to the Alchemy of PARC
The venture capital community owes great thanks to the scientists and inventions that were born out of PARC. It would be difficult to deny that the genealogy of Silicon Valley's successful companies is deeply rooted in PARC's inventions. Sequoia Capital recognizes the PARC DNA strands found in companies like 3Com, Cisco, Apple and Yahoo. The founders of these companies were fellow alchemists who mixed together prior technology and added a twist of their own to enable their product or service.

How is a company formed out of innovation? How does a venture capitalist decide to invest in a company? What are the phases and milestones of a company? Looking back, what are the elements of a sustainable company? What are the progressions of technologies, trends, cultural shifts and innovation recombinations that foster an environment of new opportunity?
Roelof Botha, a Partner at Sequoia Capital, will offer observations, experiences, examples and mistakes around these questions and, on behalf of one venture capital firm, say "thank you" to PARC.

See for details about PARC forum events.

I will be attending, please contact me at or 415-710-8434 if you would like an opportunity to meet with me in person for an informal meeting.

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