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Thursday, January 08, 2009

OQO model2plus - Nice convergence of mobile phone and mobile internet device

I just read reviews about OQO's latest model 2 plus from CES and I have to say, this kind of mobile internet device has I think finally become useful and convenient. The new model features touchscreen OLED diplay, something you have only so far been able to get on mobile phones. The OLED type diplays are superior when you are outdoors. Try looking on the display of an old Motorola Razr phone vs. one with OLED screen, big difference, you can hardly see the screen on the old one when outdoors.

About the OQO, I met with Bob Rosin at CES2005 and I liked the device already back then but thought for $2000 with slow performance and 20GB harddrive, nah not ready for consumer market. Now though with built in WiFi (r) , Qualcomm's GoMobi (r) 3G wireless chipset that works for both EVDO and HSPA networks, 60GB SSD memory, Intel (r) Atom (tm) 1.86 GHz, 2GB RAM you get a true mobile internet device that you can bring along anywhere.

I think with new innovative UIs, cheaper and more powerful computing hardware, we will see a trend where computing devices are going to take over more and more over traditional mobile phones.

PS. Just noticed this blogpost as a draft I never published for some reason??