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Friday, January 09, 2009

Palm Pre - Palm is still alive and kicking out smart mobile phones

Just announced and presented at the CES show in Las Vegas, Palm is presenting their new smart mobile phone, Palm Pre. The phone has a 3.1 inch multi touch display, 8GB, 3 MP camera, WiFi, GPS and will be made available for Sprint's EVDO 3G network. The phone does not use a screen keyboard, there is a slide out qwerty style keyboard.

Nice hardware, it will be interesting to see though, the perception and pickup on the application side. With Apple's appstore and Google's marketplace for apps and of course the windows mobile application developers I have some doubts about the market penetration for Palm devices. I should not count them out though, Palm has always been a groundbreaker, I still remember using the first wireless Palm Pilot in 1999 over the 8 kb/s Bell South Mobitex packet data network....