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Friday, November 14, 2008

Bloggers meetup at SIME2008 - Blogging the bloggers

I attended the bloggers meetup at SIME2008. Dave Sifry (Technorati), Kris Hoet (Microsoft) and Joi Ito (Creative Commons) presenting.

Kris Hoet, Microsoft EMEA market. Kris talked about his blog about working and Microsoft vs. his private Mustang blog ( and Microsoft has no corporate blog yet, they do have about 5000 employees that blog and so far the company has decided this is good enough. He also stays away from topics such as being dragged into endless discussions about Microsoft vs. Apple, as he put it you don't want to start something that will result in endless comments.

Joi Ito, CEO Creative Commons. Joi ( talked about his ups and downs blogging. He is a very frequent blogger but has recently toned down his approach, taking up too much time and getting him involved too much. A long time ago, he wondered, how come, I don't get that much traffic and people he asked said, you are writing too good or complete articles, there is no reason to comment on anything and come back to the blog.

Dave Sifry, Founder & Chairman of the Board, Technorati, Inc. Dave ( talked about his experience coming out of his Technorati company. He outlined tips for how to get read by many;blog often, be personal, update regularly (more important than number of posts), think SEO, be like a creative copywriter when you come up with the title for a post. He also pitched Technorati new ad service, Engage which has passed 1Billion ads per month.

Tom Crampton, moderated the discussion.
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