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Saturday, November 08, 2008

MobileFocus2008 event - Learning from Asia's mobile market for your future

Benjamin Joffe, CEO +8* and founder Mobile Monday Beijing presented “The invisible media revolution: learning from Asia's mobile futures”

Benjamin Joffe founded +8* is a cross marketing company focusing on China-Korea-Japan markets.

Benjamin presented mainly views on China, Korea and Japan mobile markets and users.

The World-wide mobile market is 3.3B users, of that

  • Asia 40%
  • ROW 12%
  • North America 8%
  • Latin and South America 11%
  • Europe 29%

The 3G market is >70% in Korea and Japan. In Japan more than $1B market for mobile music.

The mobile TV market is >30% in Korea and Japan. 70% of all phones are TV enabled.

D2 Communications, a mobile marketing firm says the mobile ads market is $700M, ads are using QR coded ads.

Blyk an ad sponsored UK MVNO operator is e.g. targetting 15-25 year old people, free phone service plus about 200 SMS per month.

Good examples of money making mobile services in Asia:

Mobile auctions MobaOku (DeNA) in Japan has $7.4B m-commerce in Japan.

Mobile books example 2M books sold (of one book) for about 8 Euro apiece. Benjamin also stated, one major reason for good penetration of mobile commerce in Japan is that they introduced a flat fee data plans already back in 2004.

The last example concerns Mobile SNS (social networking). In a sharp contrast to almost everywhere else in the world, in Japan, Korea and China, social networking services are profitable including the mobile version.

Good examples;

The mobile social networking site mbga in Japan has 10M users with communities of games.

The mobile social networking site mixi in Japan has 10M users

The mobile social networking QQ in China has 50M mobile users and 520M USD in revenue with 87% coming from users.

The mobile social networking site cyworld in Korea has 6M users where 80% of revenue coming from users.

Finally, Asia is getting a mobile lifestyle infrastructure, use of 3G plus flat-fee data means media drives mobile services, devices and indirectly need for infrastructure.

More from this event will come in newer blog posts from Thomas Lidforss International