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Friday, November 14, 2008

SIME2008 - Trends you can take to the bank, views from GP Bullhound

Per Roman presented "Trends you can take to the bank". Per is CEO for the investment bank, GP Bullhound.

Per outlined his opinions and views about the present market conditions. We have got a 38% on average down on any market index you can follow. It is tough for any company that needs funding right now.

If you meet investors, be direct, in many cases, investment companies do not want to say no, they say let's schedule another meeting. Be direct, ask for term sheets, either you get them or if not move on.

The IPO market is practically dead. But, the M&A market is still alive even if the market for acquisitions on VC backed companies is down to 2001-2002 levels. About 140 deals this year.

The overall advice;
  • Be in a niche market that is an expanding market
  • Have strong distribution and sales capacity
  • Be in a business that scales internationally
  • Have domain expertise

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