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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hold on to your neck - Escape the noise with Neckmike

We all use our mobile phones in more and more places and know how annoying it is when you cannot have a normal conversation because of noise from the background or environment whether at work or out driving or boating. Here's the perfect solution. Neckmike (r) from and
Neckmike started in 2004 by the inventor Bo Franzen has successfully been selling the latest product version the GSM Neckmike since 2007. The concept behind the product is simple but very efficient, use a neck band with dual "neck" microphones and two noise and shockwave blocking earplugs and you have handy small product to use with your mobile phone wherever you go. I met Bo and checked the product out at the Mobile Focus 2008 event in Stockholm last week. I have used similar design earplugs on shooting ranges and going hunting in USA so I know they work.

See the demo video by Bo and you will understand directly what it is and does for you.