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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Maximize your ROI on search advertising and SEO services, Great tips from Omniture event

Maximize your ROI on search advertising and SEO services, Great tips from Omniture event with presentations from Omniture UK, KeyBroker and iConvert.

Here's a list of services and my tidbits about how to do things smarter for your marketing.

Important to think about account structure before you get started and get too deep into what you are doing; Use an "agency" view and apply multiple accounts for search engine, campaigns and ad-groups.

Think "merge" of CRM data, blog data, website data and design of landing pages so your landing pages apply both CPM, PPC and SEO keyword requirements. This results in a "sales-funnel" approach to how you layout and structure the use of different data on different levels.

An example of landing page levels;

  • Level 1, home page - think brand, industry branch,
    category when you choose keywords
  • Level 2, product area page - think products area specific
  • Level 3, individual product page - think product specific
    keywords and chosen features, benefits and advantages (F/B/A) keywords
  • Level 4, Buy or call to action page - reinforce F/B/A
    keywords and provide easy action

Design of Landing pages
  • Design a landing page having clearly in mind, where do you want your
    customer to end up? Applies for all levels of pages.
  • Use images, color, action text
  • Use 3 different designs of you landing page layout ads for the same
    campaigns, kill the two worst performing, write two new ones based on the
    number one performing, keep going, allow 6 months for analytics and follow up,
    then keep marketing


Some facts from iConvert about conversion
  • Fortune 500 companies spend about 15% of marketing budget on optimization
  • A lot money on optimization but not on analyzing and measuring conversion
  • Optimization still a must but testing needed

Testing, Segmenting and Targeting (TST)

The commonly used split testing (A/B) usually does not work because it only tells which one of the two alternative ads work better but the result does not tell you why? -> use multivariate testing (MVT)

MVT testing will analyze use of a specific element vs. price, product message, no phone number in ad, what logo used, etc.


You want to check parameters such as
  • Source, from where does the customer come when arriving on your
    landing page?
  • Behavior, what does the customer do once there?
  • Geo tagging data, what day and part of day?

With a rolling scheme of 3 different ads, using segmentation as test criteria in the MVT testing will tell you whether the simple ad is the best (good for people who know or understand right away what they want) or the most detailed ad works better (good for people who need to be more informed before they act).

Conclusion: A project result was presented, with a 12% uptake in conversion, resulting 874% ROI on marketing cost and more than 1M £ in extra revenie.

Omniture's SiteSearch and SiteCatalyst will let you play with all these variables to SEO, PPC, CPM, TST optimize you marketing campaigns. Technically it is done by Javascripts used on website pages that will depending
on criteria used redirect traffic via Omniture and back to company website, presenting the different landing page choices.