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Sunday, November 09, 2008

MobileFocus2008 - LociLoci does mobile social networking without the need for GPS

The Swedish startup Lociloci has started with an interesting twist, do mobile social networking with location services without the need for using GPS. Their philosophy is that a lot people have or may have concerns about having GPS set to enabled in their phones all the time. So, they have started offering location based networking where you can leave GPS set to off. Since keeping track of where your friends are when you need to know precisely where works well in particular in cities where the cell sites are small, I think the quality of this social networking site is OK.

Lociloci will also soon integrate with Blogger, tumblr, facebook and twitter.

The company behind Lociloci, is XYZ Technology AB has offices in Stockholm and Boston and works as a technology and services provider to any company that wants to use and get a neworking and location services platform.

I also met with a good friend of mine, Mary Larson who works for this company now.

More from this event will come in newer blog posts from Thomas Lidforss International