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Sunday, November 09, 2008

MobileFocus2008 - Experiences, conclusions from Mobile-TV

”Experiences and conclusions from mobile TV trials” presented by Stefan Vlachos - Viasat head of mobile TV (side note: the company home page does not work properly in my IE7 browser)

MTG - ViaSatToGo service is available to Tele2 customers,

About 30 channels right now.

What people say they are going to use and what they do use is the complete opposite;

Here's what they do use:
  1. Entertainment 80%
  2. Sports
  3. Music
  4. Kids stuff
  5. News

Of the 30 channels, most people use the scheduled areas/channels not on demand views

What is the value of mobile-TV?
-mobisodes - no
-made for mobile - no
-where and when

Conclusion: value of mobile TV - it's your personal TV

More from this event will come in newer blog posts from Thomas Lidforss International